Extractions could become a massive part of the German medical cannabis industry, Colorado trends suggest.

Another UK first as a dedicated CBD food supplement store opens in Burnley.

The global legal cannabis market is predicted to grow by over 20% within the next year.

The UK's first cannabis convention is to convene in London later this year. 

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A Maltese MP  has called upon medical professionals to push for legalised medical cannabis.

Thanks to legalisation campaigns across Europe, legal cannabis sales continue to grow. 

Why is legal cannabis taking so long to take off in Europe?


Ireland Hits Roadblock in Pursuit of Medical Cannabis Legalisation

A Bill calling for the legalisation of medical cannabis in Ireland was rejected by the Oireachtas Health Committee in July over fears that it could potentially “decriminalise the recreational use of the drug”.

We believe that, once legalised, the cannabis value chain and segments will align with that of other agricultural cash crops (corn, coffee, tobacco). Albeit with different constituent financial fundamentals.

We have identified four core industry segments with numerous sub-segments.