Medical cannabis giant GW Pharma plans to expand its plant growing and processing operations in the UK.

Freedom Leaf Inc. acquires Spanish company Green Leaf Europe for hemp production and research. 

US medical cannabis companies are looking to Israel for research & development. 

One of the cannabis industry’s biggest players raises a new investment round of $58m to fuel expansion. 

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The majority of Switzerland would be 'in favour of legal cannabis', says survey.

Want to work in the cannabis industry? Here's how you can help legalise it where you are. 

EMCDDA research has revealed how cannabis legalisation has affected usage statistics throughout Europe.


Is France Falling Behind Europe's Legal Cannabis Market?

We have seen a tremendous global shift in attitudes towards cannabis so far this year, yet France continues to police its people with archaic (and increasingly isolated) laws.

We believe that, once legalised, the cannabis value chain and segments will align with that of other agricultural cash crops (corn, coffee, tobacco). Albeit with different constituent financial fundamentals.

We have identified four core industry segments with numerous sub-segments: