Europe's legal cannabis market will be worth €115 billion within 10 years.

Cannabis business technology company Cannvas announces expansion into Germany.

Malta approves Maricann's license to manufacture finished dose medical cannabis.

4,000 legal cannabis plants uprooted on legal cannabis farm in Switzerland.

Arev Nutrition to acquire German Deutsche Medizinal Cannabis and BC Bud Depot.

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German government to re-start cannabis cultivation tender.

Irish Department of Health launches medical cannabis information repository.

UK ACMD recommends rescheduling some forms of cannabis.

What you need to know about the recent raids on CBD shops in France. 

51% of the British public think cannabis should be regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

Northern Irish girl granted long-term licence for the use of medicinal cannabis.


Test can predict consumers’ genetic probability towards adverse reactions to cannabis.

Study shows even low CBD extracts can be effective at reducing seizures.

Research suggests that phytocannabinoids can stop cancer cells from dividing.

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Aphria acquires Latin American and Carribean cannabis assets from Scythian.

New York Department of Health reccomends the legalisation of cannabis.

Tilray first cannabis business to complete an IPO on a major US stock exchange. 

How legalising cannabis cultivation could transform Lebanon's ailing economy. 

Khiron appoints former Mexican President Vincente Fox to board of directors. 

Philadelphia university offers cannabis medicine and pharmacology grad programmes. 

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