UK-based medical cannabis firm plans for 2019 IPO after raising £2m in seed money.

Aurora has received a Letter of Intent from Malta Enterprise for seed-to-pharma facility.

Together signs an agreement to supply €10m worth of medical cannabis to Germany.

The German cannabis market is experiencing a ‘blistering’ rate of growth.

A legal cannabis market in Europe opens opportunities for multiple industries.

French tobacconists are pushing for the right to sell legal cannabis.

Canadian cannabis giants are targeting the Italian market as consumer demand grows.

Canadian medical cannabis producer moves one step closer to German exports.


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UK doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis-based medicines by Autumn 2018.

Maltese pharmacies begin stocking cannabis but patient access remains limited.

Medical cannabis users may be criminalised in the UK despite support for legalisation.

[Video] Swiss minister considers pilot projects to legalise cannabis.


The illegal status of cannabis has impeded modern medical research.

Cannabis ‘concussion pill’ shows promise for the treatment of traumatic brain injury.

Study indicates that cannabis may help treat sickle cell disease.

Cannabis beer may help drinkers avoid cirrhosis of the liver.

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Thailand could be the first Asian country to legalise medical cannabis.

Aurora and MedReleaf close the world’s largest cannabis merger.

Australia wants to become a top exporter of legal cannabis despite low patient numbers.

The Lebanese parliament is preparing legislation for the cultivation of medical cannabis.

The National Party sets out details for a new medical cannabis bill in New Zealand.

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