MedMen announces listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

GW Pharma’s Epidiolex will cost patients €28,000 per year on average in the US.

European company recognised as the 'Bloomberg of cannabis'.

EU Cannabis Corp has applied for a Greek medical cannabis licence.

German-based Clearstream Banking will continue to support cannabis companies.

Harvey Nichols expands the distribution of MGC Derma products in the UK.

Canadian producer Kaneh Bosm set to acquire Slovenian medical cannabis firm.

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Welsh police chief signals support for Spanish-style cannabis collectives.

Politicians call for medical cannabis legislation in Northern Ireland.

Malta rejects calls for recreational use as medical cannabis enters pharmacies.

Belgian shops are selling CBD products despite unclear legal guidelines.


The British Paediatric Neurology Association guidelines prevent THC treatment.

Canopy announces clinical trial approval for the use of cannabis to treat anxiety.

The first cannabis roadside testing device is about to be approved in Canada.

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Cannabis companies raised a total of €6.9 billion in 2018.

ABcann announces global rebrand to VIVO Cannabis.

Lebanese farmers hope legal cannabis will restore the declining agricultural industry.

Scythian-owned Colcanna receives licence to import and cultivate THC in Colombia.

Canopy completes the full acquisition of Spectrum Cannabis Chile.

MYM and Dutch Passion sign agreement to distribute cannabis seeds in Colombia.

House of Representatives in the Northern Mariana Islands approves cannabis bill.

A large majority of Australians support medical cannabis.

Heineken has released their first non-alcoholic cannabis beer.


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