Europe’s early stage cannabis market offers big value to investors.

Aphria partners with Schroll Medical in Denmark to produce organic medical cannabis.

Zelda Therapeutics enters German medical cannabis market with local partnership.

An unnamed cannabis company has invested €5 million into a Portuguese facility.

MGC Pharmaceuticals signs key European distribution agreement.

Pure Global Cannabis lists on the German Stock Exchange.

Maricann has invested €30m in three key European markets in 2018.

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Patient access to medical cannabis in Malta remains limited.

Denmark is covering medical cannabis costs for terminally ill patients.

Patients and families claim the medical cannabis panel is failing in the UK.

Portugal and Spain are likely contenders for full cannabis legalisation.


Study finds whole-plant cannabis extracts are more effective for patients.

Cronos partners with Boston biotech firm to mass produce cannabinoids with yeast.

UCLA to research cannabis’ pain-killing properties to combat the opioid epidemic.

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The THC infused beverages industry could be worth up to €14b in Canada alone.

Canopy stocks surge, making it the 45th biggest company on the TSX.

Pharmaceutical companies hold the most cannabis patents in Canada.

Tilray stock rose more than 180% in August.

Lloyds of London is set to allow cannabis insurance in Canada.

Jamaican cannabis company invests $2m to preserve indigenous cannabis strains.

More than half of global cannabis patents are Chinese-owned.

Former Mexican President expects recreational legalisation in 2019.

High-end hotels and restaurants are offering cannabis-based products and services.

Patient groups in India are calling for medical cannabis programs.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister voices support for a cannabis referendum.

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