Canadian cannabis firms are looking to attract investment from European funds.

Aurora Cannabis acquires Europe’s largest hemp producer.

Germany is the fastest growing cannabis market in the world.

Tilray exports cannabis oil to paediatric patient in the United Kingdom.  

Bonify signs supply agreement with German medical cannabis distributor.

Namaste signs UK and EU CBD supply agreement with BlueSky Biologicals.

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The French Medicines Agency will evaluate the country’s medical cannabis system.

Members of the European Parliament will discuss cannabis proposals on October 1st.

ACMD sends recommendations to Home Office on the definition of cannabis medicines.

The Maltese public health office has granted 30 applications for medical cannabis.

The Swiss government aims to make medical cannabis treatments more accessible.

Scottish ministers will meet with campaigners to discuss medical cannabis legislation.

UK think tank calls for cannabis legalisation to protect children.


Lab equipment companies poised to support compliance testing in the cannabis industry.

THC may alter the brain structure to relieve chronic pain.

New research shows minimal side effects caused by medical cannabis consumption.

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Aurora completes acquisition of ICC Labs in Uruguay in a deal worth €190 million.

US tobacco supplier, Alliance One, set to invest in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Aphria signs wholesale supply agreement with Emblem Cannabis.

Georgia confirms it is considering licensing medical cannabis cultivation for export.

Auxly announces an international supply agreement with Aphria.

US congressional panel to vote this week on expanding medical cannabis research.

Cannabis infused drinks hit shelves this month in Uruguay.

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago plans to examine cannabis use legislation.

Presidential hopeful says he will create a cannabis cultivation industry in Nigeria.

Medical cannabis is opening the door to recreational legislation.

Edibles are set to dominate the legal cannabis market in Canada.

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