Stenocare plans to become the first medical cannabis IPO in Denmark.

German medical cannabis demand and imports continue to climb.

HEXO establishes manufacturing facilities In Greece for Eurozone distribution.

GW Pharma's Epidiolex becomes first cannabis-derived medicine approved by US DEA. 

ICC purchases land for cannabis cultivation and processing facilities in Denmark. 

PUF Ventures announces plans to cultivate medical cannabis in Greece.

Hungarian company develops yeast strain for the production of cannabinoids.

Invictus provides an update on its German partnership and GMP application.

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UK government announces definition of cannabis-based products for medicinal use.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy will release their 2018 report on drug regulation.

Former Israeli PM becomes chair of medical cannabis company.

French police continue raids on CBD shops.  

Lord Charles Falconer regrets supporting prohibitionist policies in the UK.


Zelda Therapeutics trials cannabis as a treatment for insomnia.

Spectroscopic methods can rapidly monitor the variability in hemp oil.

Studies show that adolescent cannabis use does not increase after legalisation.

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Scythian closes strategic sale of Latin American and Caribbean assets to Aphria.

MGC Pharma set to sell MGC Derma to strategic partner.

Australian cannabis stock Althea triples on debut. 

Kenyan MP introduces bill to decriminalise cannabis and allow for cultivation. 

Malaysian minister endorses medical cannabis legislation.

Thai agencies step up research into medical cannabis.

Nine new stocks added to Canada’s leading cannabis-focused exchange traded fund.

US territory Northern Mariana Islands legalises cannabis.

Jamaica completes its first shipment of cannabis to Canada.

Despite a zero-tolerance cannabis policy, Japan’s hemp market is poised for growth.

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