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The Podemos party prepares a law to regulate cannabis in Spain by 2019.

Former UK Metropolitan Police chief calls for a review of cannabis prohibition.

Danish Minister of Health provides insight into the country’s cannabis pilot programmes.

Aurora joins the limited number of LP's supplying medical cannabis to Poland. 

International Cannabis Corp acquires Polish hemp company Polannabis.

Alvit LCS Pharma signs an agreement with Israel's largest medical cannabis company.

Labour MP and medical cannabis campaigner Paul Flynn will retire from politics.

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Latin America is becoming a key centre for the global cannabis supply.

Mexican officials discuss cannabis legalisation in Canada.

Khiron Life Sciences acquires neurological clinic ILANS in Colombia.

Colombian decree banning personal possession of cannabis met with protests.

Ecuador inches closer to legal medical cannabis production.

Pivot Pharma and Cartagena Inc. sign joint venture to develop cannabis beverages.

Cannabis tourism is a growing industry in Jamaica.

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The Republic of Vanuatu legalises medical cannabis.

New Zealand's coalition government plan to broaden medical cannabis bill.

Impression Healthcare applies for medical cannabis licences in Australia.

Cannasouth will seek investors prior to New Zealand Stock Exchange listing in 2019.

Medcan Australia enters into MoU with Israeli medical cannabis company.

Bod Australia secures first medical cannabis prescription for MediCabilis.

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South Korea warns citizens against cannabis consumption in Canada.

Canada faces shortages days after cannabis legalisation.

Thailand moves closer to being the first Asian country to legalise medical cannabis. 

Verano Holdings and Scythian Biosciences strike $188 million deal for Florida assets.

As legal cannabis comes online, high-tech storefronts are popping up.

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Cannabis oil study shows “significant” improvement in Crohn’s disease symptoms.

EVIO launches genomics testing program to identify pathogens in cannabis. 

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