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What to expect from the new UK medical cannabis programme.

The Academy of Medical Cannabis launches online learning platform for UK doctors.

Many medical cannabis patients in the UK will still have trouble accessing treatment.

[Watch] Shares of Danish company Stenocare quadruple on first day of IPO.

Poll finds 59% of British public support medical cannabis legalisation.

Beleave signs supply agreement with German medical cannabis company Canymed.

Cannabis Europa targets France as special committee conducts medical cannabis study.

Canadian companies continue to use Germany as an entry point for EU markets.

Despite lack of clarity, two cannabis producers claim cultivation licences in Greece.

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Mexico’s Supreme Court overturns the absolute ban on recreational cannabis.

Brazil's president-elect seeks to introduce outdated drug policies.

Uruguayan medical cannabis company Cannapur is considering filing an IPO.

Pivot Pharma creates joint venture with Mexico-based Intercontinental Marketing Co.

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Seven people a day are being approved for medical cannabis in Australia.

Health officials in Australia apologise for six-month delay in issuing cannabis licences.

Australian company RotoGro acquires Canadian cannabis processor Supra THC.

Vanuatu government will issue five cannabis cultivation licences.

Australian cannabis companies are competing for billion dollar market share.

Sydney-based investor Farjoy increases its holding in Medlab Clinical.

Australia's medical cannabis industry could expand to 200x its current size in a decade.

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Thai government considers a draft bill for the legalisation of medical cannabis. 

How Lesotho has become a hotspot for Canadian cannabis companies.

US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says CBD is a proven medical treatment.

Japan, South Korea and China warn citizens to stay away from cannabis in Canada.

The world’s biggest brewer Anheuser-Busch is monitoring the cannabis market closely.

Coca-Cola backpedals on cannabis-infused drinks.

Canadian cannabis firms 48North and Good & Green join forces in $18m deal.

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Endogenous sex hormones may modulate cannabinoid sensitivity.

Stanford scientists form company to develop CBD treatments for inflammatory diseases.

Australian scientists are studying whether high-THC can kill brain cancer cells in humans.

Runner’s high is caused by an increased circulation of endocannabinoids.

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