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UK expert backs Jersey decision to allow GPs to prescribe medical cannabis.

German pharmaceutical distributor CC Pharma set to be acquired by Aphria.

Despite law change, UK guidelines are restricting patient access to cannabis.

Israeli health ministry issues a temporary stop work order to Tikun Olam.

Ireland slowly progressing with medical cannabis access scheme.

Canopy set to invest €100 million in European expansion plan.

Spanish cannabis businesses are flourishing despite the illegality of the plant.

Canadian companies are losing interest in the Israeli market as exports stall.

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Mexico’s President-Elect endorses Supreme Court decision on cannabis use.

Uruguay is reviewing up to 20 licence applications.

Chemesis International will acquire Colombian cannabis company La Finca.

Mexican Senator introduces bill to legalise the production and sale of cannabis.

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New Zealand health department awards Helius Therapeutics a licence to grow cannabis.

Cannex Capital invests in New Zealand cannabis start-up Soma Group.  

Aphria’s Australian partner Althea secures manufacturing licence.

Aleafia Health to acquire a 10% stake in Australian company CannaPacific.

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The WHO is meeting this month to review its policies on cannabis. 

US midterm results and resignation of AG Jeff Sessions good news for cannabis. 

BlackRock will invest in cannabis once US banking issue is solved. 

Legalisation in Canada and the US could lead to increased acceptance in Asia.

Bank of Montreal report predicts CAD$194 billion global cannabis market in 7 years.

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Study finds that cannabinoids can have a beneficial effect on malignant melanoma.

Cannabidiol can help improve behavioural outbreaks in children with autism.

Biosynthesis of cannabinoids could have profound effects on the cannabis industry.

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