Cannabis is the biggest threat to the global  drinks industry.   Organigram invests €8.5 million into Serbian hemp grower  Eviana Health.   Are edibles the next big investment  opportunity for the cannabis industry?   Legalising cannabis could boost UK tax revenue by up to  £3.5 billion annually.   New report suggests medical cannabis market share  will plunge in 2018.      













     Three reasons legal cannabis will soon be  available   in the UK.   UN panel releases first documents on  THC pre-review.   Denmark’s Christiania market stops  selling cannabis.   UK MP calls for cannabis legalisation for  ‘sake of public health’.   Portuguese ethics council opposes  self-cultivation legislation.   Spanish court seeks regulation for  home-cultivation of cannabis.      






     World Health Organisation releases report  on cannabidiol.   Can cannabis aid  Lyme disease recovery?   Cannabis treatments show early promise in treating  inflammatory bowel disease.   What are the biggest roadblocks for  medical cannabis   regulation?   Danish hospital to test cannabis treatment  on arthritis patients.      






     Legal cannabis shops could be open in  Canada by late summer.   Is Africa the next big  cannabis market?   Auscann ramps up South American operations  after second harvest in Chile.   Lebanon makes strides in  cannabis research.   FloraMed Holdings acquires Colombian seed-to-sale  facility CannaMed.   Japan approves its first cannabis  advertising campaign.   [Video] A look inside the world’s largest cannabis  farm in Canada.      






     Prohibition Partners is excited to announce the launch of ‘Medical Cannabis in Europe - The GMP Standards Guide’, in association with Orion GMP Solutions. The Guide is used by manufacturers and legislators to understand the complex network of regulations that will shape the European cannabis market.     



















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A new study finds that legalising cannabis could boost UK tax revenue by up to £3.5 billion per year, while the global drinks industry, suggests cannabis is its single biggest threat. Meanwhile, after weeks of raids, Denmark’s Freetown Christiania market finally concedes and stops selling cannabis. Also in the news is an early test suggesting that cannabis could effectively treat symptoms of Lyme disease.