Industry giants Tilray have raised €20 million to serve the EU medical cannabis market.

Canadian supplier Canopy extend their European reach with a deal to supply cannabis seeds to Spanish pharmaceutical producer.

Cannabis biotech companies are taking a leading stance in the global legal marketplace. 

In a rapidly growing market, these three cannabis stocks claim the fastest revenue growth.

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A new cannabis bill has been put forward in Australia that could resonate in the UK.

Welsh MP, Paul Flynn, continues to push for UK cannabis reform.

Israel continues to edge closer towards cannabis decriminalisation, with new 'four strikes' policy. 


UK Could Still Dominate The European Legal Cannabis Market

Cannabis law reform has been a key talking point in British politics for many years. Yet, as the global attitude towards cannabis becomes more and more progressive, could the UK be left behind?

Attitudes across Europe are changing fast and, although currently illegal, we believe there is a 60%-70% probability of widespread legalisation within the next 3-5 years. 

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