Canopy Growth are keen to get a headstart as the Danish cannabis market is set to kick-start in 2018. 

Canadian producer, Tilray, is to build a €20 million medical cannabis facility in Portugal.

Here are five cannabis stocks to watch as the legal market gains traction throughout Europe.

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Switzerland continues to keep pace with progress as it decriminalises cannabis possession in small amounts. 

Investors are keen to capitalise as Danish parliament passes legislation that paves the way for medical cannabis. 

Cannabis reform is sweeping Europe and here's how you can help influence legislative change.

The UK has the opportunity to boost revenue to the state and reduce teenagers’ access through cannabis legalisation.


CannaTech London 2017

Prohibition Partners will be joining global industry leaders to discuss the future of Cannabis at CannaTech London this October.


Key Players

Europe’s commercial cannabis potential is only emerging - yet the region has been home to a number of global giants for the past 20 years.The European industry has always focused on the medical market especially within R&D.

The environment in Germany, Holland and Spain has allowed for the industry to grow in Europe but not at the broad level that we see in the US. Effectively slow legalisation has hampered the organic growth of European companies and given first mover advantage to those across the Atlantic.

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