Europe is set to become the largest legal cannabis market in the world within the next five years. 

Our report provides a detailed analysis of the medical, recreational and industrial sectors in 15 key European markets in addition to the various commercial, legal and social developments across the region.


The benefits of cannabis-based therapy for asthma are being researched by CIITECH. 

Polish parliament voted to legalise medical cannabis in July. Could Poland now become a global exporter?

Elixinol are bringing decades of experience to the European cannabis market. 

CBD oil is fast becoming the beauty industry's most popular ingredient. 

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Danish parliament is closing in on a decision to legalise domestic cannabis cultivation. 

The German cannabis tender bid was released in April, yet 6 months later there is yet to be an announcement. 

MS patients in Wales are campaigning for their right to use medical cannabis.

The global tide of reform continues, as New Zealand and Peru seek to legalise cannabis