The number of cannabis oil users across the UK has doubled over the last year, figures reveal.  

The Hydroponics Company Ltd is entering into a partnership with Israel's BOL Pharma.

A giant $3 billion cannabis merger could greatly impact the global industry.

MGC Pharmaceuticals strikes deal with European medical cannabisconsortium, Mabsut Life.

Iconic Dutch brand Barney's to invest €1.8m in Israeli cannabis venture.

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Polish pharmacies are now legally permitted to manufacture medicines taken from imported cannabis plants.

Medical cannabis prescriptions in Italy will soon be paid for by social security.

25 municipalities have signed up so far to take part in the Dutch government's experiment with regulated cannabis cultivation.

Lithuania looks poised to usher in medical cannabis after a nearly unanimous vote in Parliament. 


Medical Cannabis Legislation

Europe has become a hotbed for new market development in medical cannabis. Legislative bills are currently being prepared in at least five different countries.

Germany has already taken the lead by creating the region's first legal and regulated medical market. It is paving the way for other countries to follow. 

Europe is set to become the largest market in the world within five years