Spectrum Cannabis Denmark announces forty thousand square-metre medical cannabis facility in Odense. 

Patient needs are being addressed as European medical cannabis imports grow.

UK based GW Pharmaceuticals reported its fourth quarter and fiscal year-end results, saying 2018 will be ‘A Pivotal Year'. 

Australian cannabis-therapeutics company, Creso Pharma, has signed a 10 year Swiss distribution deal. 

2017 has been a landmark year for the cannabis industry. Here are seven trends that have had the biggest impact. 

Canada’s Maricann looks to sell medical cannabis in German pharmacies.

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Is the Italian military's monopoly on the country's medical cannabis supply a cause for concern? 

Ireland considers decriminalising drugs in ‘early 2019’, states the Health Service Executive.

The current wave of legal reform is turning Europe into a 'promised land' for medical cannabis.


Malta Poised For Medical Cannabis Reform

Throughout 2017, Malta has seen a slow but steady shift towards medical cannabis legalisation. Last month, a proposal put forth to the Maltese government that aims to facilitate the prescription of medical cannabis by general practitioners.


Global Cannabis Trends 2018

No.4: Advances in Medicine & Science

Cannabis is pushing the boundaries of medicine and science.  Last year, the first and only US research institution was launched – however, US research will open up properly on the back of federal legislation and rescheduling of the plant. 

Cannabis is now being treated around the world as a medicine with prescribed applications to specific conditions and diseases. Global understanding of the plant’s scientific and medical uses will only continue to expand over the coming years.