A nuclear bunker in Germany could become an 11,000 square foot cannabis farm.

Italy is running out of medical cannabis stocks as it begins importing Bedrocan from The Netherlands.

Aurora Cannabis teams up with Danish tomato producer to sell cannabis in Europe.

Marguerite Arnold discusses the great cannabis branding conundrum in Europe.

The Adam Smith Institute argues that the UK is well placed to become a regional exporter of Medicinal Cannabis.

Nuuvera Germany breaks ground on facility for storage and packaging of medical cannabis.

US based Freedom Leaf Inc. completes 100% takeover of Green Market Europe, a Spanish producer of hemp products.

Maricann expects to begin shipping CBD to Germany in February.

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Netherlands regional governments take initiative on domestic cannabis industry.

The New Year begins with the rise of cannabis debate in Portuguese Parliament.

A hospital in Brno, Czech Republic begins re-prescribing hemp to patients for pain treatment.

Regulations beginning to shape the international cannabis market.


Can Medical Cannabis save the Channel Islands?

There are deficits, big holes, and the question is, how can the Channel Islands fill them? The solutions are not pretty - voluntary redundancies, compulsory redundancies, new taxes, public sector cuts. Simply put, the archipelago needs more tax revenue and less public spending. Prohibition Partners examines why The Channel Islands is making a smart move with medicinal cannabis plans


Cannabis Europa, a conference dedicated to shaping the future of medical cannabis in Europe, will take place on 22nd May at the Barbican in London.

The conference will host Europe's leading medical, political and business figures and is a key date in the diary for everybody involved in the European cannabis industry. 

Enquiries on early bird tickets, speaking and sponsorship opportunities are available on the website

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