Facebook and Google's prohibitory policies on cannabis advertising has opened the door for smaller digital agencies.

Cannimed partners with Netherlands based Fagron NV to target international expansion with an initial focus on Germany.

Denmark’s ‘Tomato King’, Mads Pedersen, wants to become Europe’s biggest cannabis cultivator.

Israeli pharmaceutical company Panaxia joins with MPX to produce and market pharma-grade Cannabinoid products.


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Greece set to approve use of medical cannabis in the coming weeks.

Portuguese Doctors Association support cannabis medicine as new bill enters Parliament for discussion.

Italy begins to sell high CBD Cannabis across the country after the relaxation of laws governing THC content.

Danish doctors remain in the dark about medicinal cannabis prescriptions in wake of pilot scheme.

Malta presents first government bill to regulate the production of medicinal cannabis.

Assembly Members in the UK call for medicinal cannabis treatments for pain patients.

UK Researchers Recognise an International 'Tide Effect' Driving Worldwide Cannabis Reform

The Metro argue that the UK need to get with the times and legalise cannabis.


World Anti Doping Agency removes CBD from Prohibited Substance list before Winter Olympics 2018.


How Croatia Pioneered Cannabis Treatments in The Balkans

Most European countries have struggled to create highly functional systems for cannabis treatments. It is inevitable that the dismantling of archaic drug laws takes time and experimentation. Some countries push through legislation and expect the medical communities to play catch up. Others demand ‘more time’ to run rigorous tests in state run labs while debating public opinion.

This week’s review examines how Croatia cut the red tape and what we can learn from the Croatian approach to healthcare.