Aurora Cannabis to buy rival creating the world's most valuable cannabis firm.

Maricann announces plans to purchase Swiss cannabis grower.

Greek government looking to tackle unemployment with cannabis farming.

Germany’s insurance providers reimburse 13,000 cannabis patients.

Aphria to supply nearly 77,000 kilos of cannabis to Nuuvera.

Love Hemp launches a new cannabis oil product targeting Scotland.

Nuuvera signs letter of intent to acquire GMP-certified lab in Spain.

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France looks to soften laws against cannabis use but legalisation not likely.

Germany's medicinal cannabis market struggles with short supply and high costs.

Italy addresses medical cannabis shortages with imports from Canada and Germany.

Israeli cannabis industry is booming but still no destination for exports.

Jersey hospital to prescribe Sativex without private prescription.

German road safety officials concerned that patients may smoke and drive.


Medical cannabis laws can significantly reduce violent crime, a new study finds.

Medical cannabis in Israel complements alternative healthcare among its ageing population argues Raphael Mechoulam.

Cannabidiol could reduce fall-related seizures in treatment-resistant epilepsy

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Serbia is  the largest and most populous country of the former Yugoslavia. It is home to a strong pro-legalisation movement which is led by activists, patients and researchers. In this case, that opposing force is spearheaded by far-right parties and conservative medical groups who desperately cling to ill-informed stigmas surrounding cannabis.

As part of the Prohibition Partners European Country Review, we examine what divides opinion on cannabis legislation and how far they have come on the bumpy road to modernisation.


Prohibition Partners is excited to announce the launch of Medical Cannabis in Europe. The GMP Standards Guide, in association with Orion GMP Solutions.

If Europe wants to become global leaders in the cannabis industry, ensuring that it adheres to the highest manufacturing practices is essential. The GMP Standards Guide is intended to be used as a reference by manufacturers, legislators and all involved in the European cannabis industry to educate on best practice and international legislation.

The report is due to be released in February 2018 but you can read a short extract here.