CannTrust plans international expansion through Danish cannabis partnership.

Landmark study shows that regulated cannabis markets can boost the economy.

Israeli cannabis industry continues despite government stalemate over exports.

Aurora Cannabis succeeds in bid for CanniMed shares.

Germany is on track to become Europe’s largest medical cannabis market this year.

Cannabis is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry.

LA based acquisition fund buys world’s first cannabis beer company in Germany.

Brewery plans to sell first cannabis beer in the UK next month.

Report predicts global medical cannabis market to grow at 21% annually.

CBD makers are hoping to tap into the $1.6 billion tattoo industry.

Irish farmers come together to form hemp association as CBD surge continues.

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UN chief advocates drug decriminalisation in a speech to the body's drug commission.

Israel becomes first country to approve cannabis vaporizer as a medical device.

Dutch ministers outline trial plans to regulate recreational cannabis cultivation.

European Industrial Hemp Association calls for more ‘rational’ THC limits.

One year on and German health insurers ramp up reimbursement for cannabis patients.

Northern Irish family forced to acquire Dutch cannabis for daughter with epilepsy.


Is cannabis the answer to older people’s alcohol problems?

How medical cannabis can replace the sleeping pill.

Studies examine the relationship between alcohol and cannabis consumption.

IGC partners to lead research on cannabis treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Further study is needed into the effects of cannabis on pregnant women.

Review shows no evidence to suggest cannabis causes IQ decline.




On the whole, public policies in the Nordic countries are usually informed by modern science and human rights. Drug policy is, arguably, the notable exception. Current cannabis laws in Norway are not based on any real science or humanism but largely as a result of the fearmongering rhetoric of the 60s and 80s. However, as much of Europe rolls back the embargo on medical cannabis, Norway is looking to differentiate itself from the typically repressive Scandinavian cannabis policies.



 Cannabis Europa, a conference dedicated to shaping the future of medical cannabis in Europe, will take place on 22nd May at the Barbican in London.
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