Investment in cannabis companies continue to rise as investors look for equity options.

MedReleaf signs supply agreement with German pharmacy distributor.

Pharmaceutical firm Novartis partners with medical cannabis producer Tilray.

Online retail is becoming the latest cannabis market trend.

Malta can become Europe's next major medical cannabis manufacturer.

Changes need to occur in the cannabis industry before shareholders can profit.

Cosmos Group and Marathon partner to market cannabis products in Europe.

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Alfie Dingley campaign makes progress as petition is handed to the British government.

Stringent rules on medical cannabis are harming patients in the UK.

Switzerland has unanimously adopted a bill to pilot cannabis studies.

Courts endorse the regulation of cannabis clubs in the Basque region.

Israeli medical cannabis firms may flee the country if export ban persists.

Despite increasing support for legalisation cannabis remains prohibited in France.


The Czech Republic is becoming a hub for medical cannabis research in Europe.

Researchers claim that cannabis is safe and effective for pain relief.

New research shows the relationship between cannabis and coffee.

New study targets CB1 and CB2 receptors as treatment for suicidal behaviour.

Researchers claim cannabis can be used to treat eczema and psoriasis.



In Sweden medical cannabis use has been considered an aggravating circumstance rather than an extenuating circumstance as many patients have suffered at the hands of punitive state laws. However, as two historic cannabis licences have been granted, Sweden may no longer be able to remain an island in the changing global consensus on cannabis.




 Cannabis Europa, a conference dedicated to shaping the future of medical cannabis in Europe, will take place on 22nd May at the Barbican in London.
Limited number of early bird tickets available at Cannabis Europa.

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