Study shows how the regulated cannabis market brings significant economic benefits.

Swedish investors are betting on cannabis stocks despite prohibition.

Canada-based Delta 9 signs European partner to export to Germany.

Cannabinoid company raises £1.5 million for cancer research in Cardiff facility.

Australia-based cultivator signs partnerships with two European suppliers.

Israeli investors are betting on cannabis as government stalls on export deal.

ICC Labs signs partnership with Barcelona based CBD developer.

How legal market businesses are outsmarting the black market.

Cannabis prices are falling in legalised markets.

Cronos Group is planning to sell shares in order to raise $100 million.

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Medical cannabis is now officially legal in Malta.

Denmark is about to subsidise medical cannabis for patients with certain illnesses.

Belgian cannabis policies are opening the door for criminal operations.

The Dutch government are taking steps to reform the cannabis system.

Liberal Democrats call for a regulated cannabis market in the UK.

Australia is to investigate the legalisation of cannabis for adult use.

In a global first Canada begins to import medical cannabis from Africa.


2018 is on track to become a landmark year in medical cannabis research.

Study shows that legalised markets have no effect on teen cannabis use.

Researchers suggest cannabis can help balance overstimulation in children with autism.

Cannabis can help treat alcohol and cocaine addiction.

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Starting in the 1960s, Finland, like its Scandinavian neighbours developed a history of drug prohibition. However, Finland is too often tarred with the same brush as Sweden’s repressive policies. In reality, since 2008, Finland has legalised medical cannabis and reformed the formerly punitive cannabis policies. Although mainstream politics avoids the subject of full legalisation, youth parties are fighting for reform in the happiest country in the world.




 Cannabis Europa, a conference dedicated to shaping the future of medical cannabis in Europe, will take place on 22nd May at the Barbican in London.
Limited number of early bird tickets available at Cannabis Europa.

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