Canopy acquires Czech cannabis distributor Annabis Medical.

Germany is beginning to rule the European medical cannabis market.

Canadian cannabis companies turn their eyes to Europe.

Maricann Group is set to acquire Swiss hemp grower for €6.7 Million.

Israeli firm will export 5 tonnes of cannabis oil to an unnamed Canadian company.

GW Pharmaceuticals awaits FDA decision on new epilepsy drug.

Struggling farmers are selling land to cannabis cultivators in Malta.

Can cryptocurrencies delegitimise the legal cannabis industry?

Celebrities are clambering to establish their own legal cannabis brands.

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Luxembourg's medical cannabis law nears completion.

Home Office to review appeal over medical cannabis for Alfie Dingley.

The Hague bans cannabis consumption in Amsterdam city centre.

The Green Party want to end the penalisation of cannabis in Ireland.

Maricann Group receives permit for German exports.

Canadian cannabis oil exports explode due to German demand.

Aurora Cannabis completes its first ever private export to Italy.

The Harvard Political review examines the barriers to cannabis legalisation.

European jurisdictions are turning to Canadian experts for legislative guidance.


Study finds 87% of millennials believe cannabis is safer than alcohol.

Replacing alcohol with cannabis may prevent dementia.

How cannabis can help boost the immune system.

Can cannabis make you a better parent?

Study shows cannabis harm to teenagers' brain is overstated.

Young white men smoke the most legal cannabis according to new data.

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 Cannabis Europa, a conference dedicated to shaping the future of medical cannabis in Europe, will take place on 22nd May at the Barbican in London.



France is emblematic of the hypocritical cannabis policies exhibited in Western Europe. More people consume cannabis in France than anywhere else in Europe, but despite recent amendments to the 1970 cannabis law, France is still missing out on a hugely profitable market.


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