Home Office announces clinical review into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Former Conservative Party leader William Hague urges the legalisation of cannabis.

[Video] Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt shows support for medical cannabis.

Home Office returns Billy Caldwell’s cannabis medicine.

Theresa May rejects calls for immediate cannabis reform.

Senior MPs pressure government to reform cannabis laws.

British Police demand drugs policy review after the ’failure’ of current laws.


Freedom Leaf purchases 430,000 sq. foot hemp nursery in Spain.

Emblem launches joint venture in Germany with Acnos Pharma.

Tilray files for IPO on Nasdaq stock exchange.

Malta issues first cannabis import licence to Aphria-owned lab ASG Pharma

Maricann moves research and development operations to Germany.

Invictus signs letter of intent to sell cannabis in Germany.

[Video] Italy’s military is struggling to keep up with medical cannabis demand.

Speakeasy Cannabis Club looks to expand into Germany.

How brands are marketing cannabis under restrictive legislation.

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French authorities investigate the Parisian coffeeshop selling low-THC cannabis.

Scotland calls for more legislative control over medical cannabis.

Portugal's parliament legalises cannabis-based medicines.

Change in cultivation law grants Greek patients better access to medical cannabis.

Regulated cannabis markets will decrease health risks.

Isle of Man considers medical cannabis legalisation.

Despite a booming legal medical market, Germany’s black market is thriving.



How Israel lead the way on cannabis research.

Cannabinoids may improve the efficacy of cancer treatments.

Survey of US oncologists uncovers knowledge gap in medical cannabis.

What is cannabis oil and how does it work?

CBD shows ‘rapid and sustained’ antidepressant effects in rodents.

Cannabis is safer than alcohol according to young Britons.

Study finds CBD mitigates the negative effects of regular cannabis use.

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Canada’s C-45 bill passes, legalising recreational cannabis.

New York decriminalises cannabis use.

Five years since legalising medical cannabis, Uruguay is struggling to meet demand.

Republican Party of Texas comes out in support of cannabis decriminalisation.

How cannabis legalisation has affected countries around the world.

Ancillary markets reap rewards in India despite cannabis remaining illegal.


Prohibition Partners is excited to announce the launch of ‘Medical Cannabis in Europe - The GMP Standards Guide’, in association with Orion GMP Solutions. The Guide is used by manufacturers and legislators to understand the complex network of regulations that will shape the European cannabis market.

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